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MyVoucherCodes Bikes You like. A long-established retail shop with a large workshop, Thatto Cycles BikesYouLike offers premium bike, clothing and accessory brands, first class repairs and servicing, bike-fitting, expert advice and more. All accompanied by a warm and friendly service. 2021 Kids Bikes Now Available 2021 Kids Bikes. View now. Extra 5 discount on Endura Luminite 2 Waterproof Jacket Hi-viz Green already reduced 40 RRP 99.99 – Now 59.99 – With 5 discount on voucher code 56.99. Offer condition Voucher only grants 5 discount to customers purchasing Endura Luminite 2 Waterproof Jacket Hi-Viz Green and will not work with other products. Voucher and Discount work closely with all the major retail companies, so please tell your friends and family and make sure they also enjoy the benefits of saving money at Voucher and Discount by using our promotional codes, discount vouchers, promotional coupons, promotional vouchers and e-voucher offers. No1 Show Plates voucher codes. Money saving rating 7 out of 10 based on 2 votes. Number Plates – Show Plates – Custom Plates – Bike Number Plates – Online Plate Builder. Design number plates on our online plate builder, free delivery, order before 5pm for same day dispatch. Try related tags for more offers discounts Use Embeddable tweets Optimizing Blogger Albert Heim fell off a mountain in the Swiss Alps in the late nineteenth century Felix Baumgartner fell out of the stratosphere in the early twenty-first century, and in between an exceptional group of athletes and an extraordinary state of consciousness have teamed up to do the impossible over and over again. It s been a real magical mystery tour. Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall of China on a shattered limb Ian Walsh paddled into a wave the size of an apartment building Dean Potter caught hold of a climbing rope while falling at terminal velocity into the Cellar of Swallows. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, Arthur C. Clarke famously told us. Hopefully one thing is now clear flow is that advanced technology. Unfortunately, while it tries hard to guess what is important to users, Facebook still can t determine their intent. Which action, or edge, indicates more interest commenting on a post or liking a post? If a person actually clicks on a picture, is she showing more interest than if she shares it? Is a picture more valuable than a video? Does liking a video post show equal interest as watching the entire video? Facebook doesn t know, but it desperately wants to, so it keeps tweaking the algorithm to figure the mystery out. This is why even though most of your content might get seen today, you can t trust that it will tomorrow. One minute your brand could be popping up at the top of a user s page the next it could be buried six pages down. For example, Facebook may decide that sharing is a much stronger call to action and brand endorsement than liking, so it will give sharing more weight than a like. If your content happens to elicit many shares, you re golden. But then Facebook could change its mind and decide that likes are actually as valuable if not more so than shares. Your content doesn t usually get that many likes. Now what? Identifying your target markets

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