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how to hold facebook sweepstakes

While you can hold the drawings at the end of your Facebook Live, people love instant gratification. If your teams bandwidth allows for some additional hands, host some of the drawings in real time during the sweepstakes period. This can be done by creating drawing periods throughout the stream, as is common during a Twitter Party. A Facebook Contest is an easy way to increase Facebook Page Likes and convert Facebook users into leads and signups by enticing them with a prize.. There are many different types of Facebook Contests – from the most basic random draw Facebook Sweepstakes to highly involved video contests with a full panel of judges to decide a winner. Each has different benefits. Facebook contests are a popular way for companies to hold sweepstakes. Facebook contests have some great advantages for sweepstakes sponsors, including encouraging entrants to like the company s Facebook page and an easy way to create a robust sweepstakes page. Use these three tips to keep your Facebook contest strategy moving. 1. Create a Thank You Post. Make sure to craft a post sincerely thanking everyone for participating and invite them to check out your business s product or service, as that was the goal from the get-go. 3. Keep it simple. The vast majority of Facebook users are on mobile, so design your contest experience for a variety of devices and operating systems. I like to send test links to my mom, proud owner of the world s only living Blackberry Playbook. If your contest requires a landing page, keep it as low-effort as possible. Form fatigue is real. Hover your cursor over the Send Message button s drop-down menu, and choose Recommendation from the drop-down list that appears. TO BEGIN, LEARN THE ART OF THE PIN For McConkey, ski-BASE gave him a way to start seeing really different lines. He has a phrase for aesthetically enticing terrain that had forever been off-limits because of gargantuan cliffs at the run s end closeout lines. With ski-BASE, these closeout lines were finally open for business. My whole vision, he says, is that there are these impossible lines that no one would ever ski because they end in death cliffs. With parachutes, you can ski them. Those lines are totally doable now. Subscription-based service. Chapter Summary Fastlane Distinctions Hitchhikers relinquish control of their business to a Fastlaner. There is a difference between good money and big money. Hitchhikers can make good money while Fastlaners make big money. Sometimes legendary money. In a driver hitchhiker relationship, the driver always retains control and the hitchhiker is at the mercy of the driver. Hitchhikers are party to someone else s Fastlane plan. Make the world your habitat of play in an organization you control. Network marketing has little to do with entrepreneurship but more to do with sales, networking, training, and motivation. Network marketing fails both the Commandments of Control and Entry, and sometimes, Need. Network marketers are soldiers in a Fastlaner s army. Network marketing is a powerful distribution system. As a Fastlaner, seek to own one, not join one.

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