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how to stop receiving sweepstakes mail

But if you re receiving too much mail or if you don t like the content, you can unsubscribe from the lists. To remove yourself from Publishers Clearing House s in-house mailing lists, contact PCH directly. You can remove yourself from sweepstakes entry offers as well as from other kinds of marketing offers. In addition, consumers have the right to stop receiving sweepstakes mailings. Sweepstakes promoters must give consumers a reasonable way to request removal of their names from mailing lists. Marketers must maintain a record of all stop mail requests and suppress the names for 5 years. For consumers who wish to forcibly stop the flood of sexually explicit mail to their residence, one way is to submit a USPS Form 1500 Prohibitory Order Application , which notifies the senders to cease and desist their mailers to you. To stop receiving pre-screened credit card applications and insurance junk mail, call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT 1-888-567-8688 or visit The website and phone number are operated by the major credit bureaus. Contact them to take your name off their mailing list permanently, or for five years. Use one of the postage paid return envelopes to expressly tell them to stop mailing these requests to you. Be sure to clearly state your name and address in the letter. Get rid of Junk Mail, Spam,… After you have your strategy in place, you or another person on your team will have to keep detailed records, including an analytics report to see whether campaigns and keywords are driving traffic, and a sales report to see whether sales did, indeed, go up. You don t want to participate in social media marketing for its own sake or because everyone else is doing it. The following sections help you make the business case for yourself. We may live in the digital age when pictures are being snapped every second and are freely shared across social channels, but that doesn t mean the rules of ethical marketing practices have changed. Proofread! Giving your post one last read-through and format check before publishing ensures that you have no spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors those mistakes can make you look unprofessional. HauteLook

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