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1.Head to or 2.Add products to bag 3.Enter gift card number at checkout. Gift Card Form. Select or Enter an amount between $25 and $1,000. $50. $75. Woolworths Gift Cards. Buying gifts can be tricky. But with a Woolworths Gift Card you re giving your friends and family the opportunity to treat themselves to something they ll truly enjoy. No matter what the occasion, give the ultimate gift of choice. From BIG W to BWS, choose the perfect Gift Card or eGift Card. Country Road is a middle market clothing retailer with operations in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It is a subsidiary pf Woolworths Holdings Limited. A Drummond Golf Gift Card is the perfect gift no matter what the reason. Redeemed at any of our 50 locations throughout Australia, or online. 1. Choose the value of the e-Gift card from as little as $25. 2. Write your own personalised message. 3. Tell us the lucky recipient s email address. 4. Tell us when to send them the best-present-ever. When it s time to shop. Use your code to redeem your gift in the Payment section of our checkout. or Read the Branded Physical Gift Card Terms Conditions. Read the Branded Store eGift Card Card Terms Conditions The above time periods are an estimate only from the verification of your payment. Most orders will be delivered within 10 minutes, however times may vary up to 48 hours subject to public holidays, peak periods and order verification. Frankenstein pathogens escaping labs recalls chapter 1 s Busy Child scenario. For AGI, an open, multidisciplinary Asilomar-style conference could mitigate some sources of risk. Attendees would encourage one another to develop ideas on how to control and contain up-and-coming AGIs. Those anticipating problems could seek advice. The existence of a robust conference would encourage researchers in other countries to attend, or host their own. Finally, this open forum would alert the public. Citizens who know about the risk versus reward calculation may contribute to the conversation, even if it s just to tell politicians that they don t support unregulated AGI development. If harm comes from an AI disaster, as I predict it will, an informed public is less likely to feel deceived or to call for relinquishment. While advances in math were providing the tools necessary to make predictions, an early generation of data hounds was looking for new things to count. One was a draper in London named John Graunt. He went through birth and death records and in 1682 came up with the first study of the mortality rates of an entire community of people. He calculated, for example, that children in London faced a 6 percent death risk in each of the first six years of their lives. And with statistics, he was able to dispel the myth that the plague swept through every year a new monarch came into power. For the first time, mathematicians could calculate the most probable arc of a person s life. These numbers didn t work for individuals, of course. But with big enough numbers, the average and range were predictable. I don t want to. More Channels, More Opportunities I got nothing.

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