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is entering sweepstakes a sin

Sweepstakes also abound as a form of advertising. Businesses market their services by offering a chance at a prize in exchange for our contact information. In this type of sweepstakes, the participant has little to lose and, if fully aware of the consequences of entering, suffers no real harm in doing so. Even the Apostles cast lots. a sweepstakes is a type of gambling . However, if you let it control you, or you obsess over it, then it is a sin. But just because you loose interest in it doesn t mean it s a sin. I loose interest generically in human interaction, but that doesn t mean it s a sin. The safest way to enter sweepstakes is to enter for yourself only, and to type your entries by hand. If you want to enter for a spouse or family member, or if you want to use a time-saver like a form-filling program or an automatic entry service, make sure the rules don t prohibit it first. You Are Affiliated With the Sponsor No. There s nothing wrong with it. I know Christians that win online contests all the time. If anyone s going to win, it might as well be a Christian. Marilyn Hickey s church has several members who win contests and lotteries all the time. Research organizations also measure the recall of commercials, and this method finds favor with many advertisers. But some kinds of television commercials which get high recall scores get low scores on changing brand preference, and there appears to be no correlation between recall and purchasing. I prefer to rely on changes in brand preference. There is an irreducible promise versus peril that goes back to fire. Fire cooked our food but was also used to burn down our villages. The wheel is used for good and bad and everything in between. Technology is power, and this very same technology can be used for different purposes. Human beings do everything under the sun from making love to fighting wars and we re going to enhance all of these activities with our technology we already have and it s going to continue. I don t know your age, but let s be honest and ask the uncomfortable question Can you seriously expect to retire on $13,000 in net worth? Or $113,000? Is it rational to think you can live off your home equity refinance? Have you thought beyond next week s paycheck? At what threshold do you realize that it s time to shift gears and reevaluate? Is there a threshold? Why would something that you ve been doing for 5, 10, 20 years suddenly start working? Yes, insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results. Your business can also make a much bigger splash on smaller sites. Frankly, it s so difficult to gain visibility and traction on a large social-networking site that you almost need a marketing campaign just for that purpose for instance, to acquire 2,000 likes on Facebook . Sign Off That s all for this time, I hope it helped. Don t forget to click subscribe for lots more social media marketing tips like this one, to give me a like if you enjoyed this video – and to check out the link to my book in the description below. Thanks very much for watching, and good bye!

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