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is hgtv sweepstakes rigged

It s vital to the Scripps Network s reputation to avoid any appearance of running a sweepstakes scam or a rigged game. They re under heavy scrutiny to ensure they award their enormous prizes in a way that shows no favoritism, is easy to understand, and doesn t let even one of those millions of entries slip through the cracks. HGTV contests are rigged. … HGTV uses the Home Sweepstakes as a marketing scam. There s no chance in that an ordinary person who stays home and enters these sweeps could possibly be chosen at random and allowed to receive the keys to these homes on national television. I agree that the contests seem rigged. There is no live drawing, and the prize money would pay the taxes and upkeep on these homes for at least 4-5 years running, so no credit check or background check should even ethically be applied. They put up a giveaway drawing, that is what it is supposed to be. Plus, it s vital to the Scripps Network s reputation that they avoid any appearance of running a sweepstakes scam or a rigged game. Likewise, who won the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2019? The Truth About The HGTV Dream Home Giveaways. Millions of contestants enter each year for the chance to win HGTV s Dream Home Giveaway, a stunning prize that includes a designer-curated home, a … Facebook changes its algorithm often to best serve the needs of its users. Be sure to be aware of these changes and how they might affect brand pages such as yours. Also keep apprised of changes to how most users view and consume Facebook content. Develop a Brand Authenticity Playbook Sly was no stranger to the Law of Effection. One of the telling elements of Sly s success story was his resistance to getting a normal job. He mentioned that if he d taken a corporate job, his dream would have died because he knew the gravity of a job was inescapable for him. He recognized that a corporate environment would have been a headwind. If your environment puts a stiff headwind in your face, you must take active steps to remove yourself from the headwind. What headwinds are keeping you from pursuing your dreams? Take control and make choices that can alter the trajectory of your life. FIGURE 1-1 Use your brand s logo for the profile photo. emerging, 62 63

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