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Porta Gift Cards Porta Gift Card. FULL INDOOR OUTDOOR DINING NOW AVAILABLE IN ASBURY PARK JERSEY CITY! Reservations Asbury Park Jersey City Locations Menus Asbury Park Jersey City Private Gatherings Asbury Park Jersey City Weddings Shop Gift Cards. Porta Gift Cards. FULL INDOOR OUTDOOR DINING NOW AVAILABLE IN ASBURY PARK JERSEY CITY! Reservations Asbury Park Jersey City Locations Menus Asbury Park Jersey City Private Gatherings Asbury Park Jersey City Weddings Shop Gift Cards. Sign In. Cart 0. GIFT CARDS. Porta Gift Card. from 50.00. Buy a Porta gift card. Send by email or mail, or print at home. 100 satisfaction guaranteed. Gift cards for Porta, 911 Kingsley St, Asbury Park, NJ. Gift Cards Asbury Park Gift Cards Pizza Porta. Buy a Porta Gift Card Buy a Porta Gift Personalize your gift for Porta. Choose to email or print. Sender Amount $25 $50 $75 $100 $200 $500 presentation. View all styles Delivery Email Printable Porta Asbury Park lives in the former home of the once-famous Student Prince, where Springsteen first met the indomitable Clarence Clemons RIP Big Man . Bootstrapped from the ground up in 2011, the original Porta earned an Excellent rating from The New York Times in 2013 and has become a destination for locals, New Yorkers, and the jet-set crowd, and everyone else who wants to grab some of … But there s another issue. According to psychologists, by definition, action and adventure athletes are sensation seekers. They re impulsive pleasure junkies. Delayed gratification is not their game. Hell, in a 2009 Outside magazine profile of Shane McConkey, journalist Tim Sohn wrote Riding in a backpack as his mother skied, a three-year-old McConkey would shake the pack s support bars while making known what he wanted Pow, Mommy, pow, or Bump, Mommy, bump. Seriously, does Pow, Mommy, pow sound like a kid who didn t eat the marshmallow? The last useful level of permission is situational permission. This is very time sensitive but also very useful. Suddenly, you hear a record screech off the turntable. The youngest of eight children in a poor family, he left school when he was 15 and spent the next nine years bumming around the country as a shipping clerk, bellhop, chaperone of cattle, movie projectionist, door-to-door salesman, automobile salesman, and newspaper reporter at $12 a week . When he was 24 he applied for a job as a copywriter at the now defunct F. Wallis Armstrong agency in Philadelphia. I sat in that lobby on a bench so hard that I can still feel it, he later recalled. At the end of the ninth day, I exploded I wrote the boss a letter calculated to produce an immediate interview or a couple of black eyes. The boss stormed into the lobby, waving the letter, and said, Those ads you wrote didn t amount to much, but this letter has some stuff in it. What follows are some considerations for creating the type of content people respond to. Content should Have a purpose Don t create content for the sake of creating content otherwise, it will be bland, redundant, or confusing. Content should have both a plan and a purpose. For example, content should teach, or drive traffic or sales. Even content created solely to go viral has a purpose. When you understand why you re creating the content, it will be easier for you to write, photograph, or video-tape. Provide value If a video makes someone laugh, it has value. If a blog post teaches people something, it has value. If a tweet breaks news, it has value. In other words, don t create content that doesn t offer anything to the viewer or reader. Answer a question If people are searching for information and land on an article on your website, will they stay to read the whole thing, or will they move on after a quick scan? Your content should answer a question, even if the question is simply, What am I doing here? Be unique What perspective can you give to your niche that no one else has covered? Content that stands out does so because it s different not the same old, same old. Be easy to relate to People like to read a blog post or watch a video, and then nod their head in agreement. For example, a funny video from a car-cleaning service that shows kids dropping food in the car or scribbling on the back seat with a permanent marker might have parents sharing the content because they ve been in the same situation. Be visual A vibrant or intriguing photo will catch the eye, and readers will want to know how it relates to the content. Have variety Mix up your content with new, timely, and evergreen information. Experiment with photos, videos, and written content, too. Be entertaining Entertaining content isn t necessarily slapstick or pet tricks. Entertaining content might be educational, interesting, or intriguing. If content entertains, consumers will want to see more content from you and may even want to learn more about your product or service. Be inspiring You want to create content that encourages reaction. Whether it s a call to action, a link to more information or a sales page, or an invitation to comment and share, your content should give readers and viewers the idea to do these things. It should make them want to take action. Be scannable People consume content differently on the web than they do in print. Whereas they ll read books and consume newspaper and magazine articles in their entirety offline, most people have short attention spans on the web. So break up all content into easily digestible pieces with images, headings, subheads, bullet points, and numbered lists. Sort of like what we re doing here! If you present the content in this way, people can scan it and still take something away from it.

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