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shoppers drug mart gift cards optimum points

Every day, you ll get 15 points for almost every $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart 1. Shop our exclusive 20x events to get 30 back in points!1,2. Get the PC Optimum App and take advantage of personalized offers. Shop and earn a total of up to 45 points per $1 with the PC Financial Mastercard credit card and a total of up to 25 points per $1 … 2. If you plan on doing a large purchase during a Bonus Points Event, split your purchase into multiple transactions to capitalize on more points! 3. Purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to shop from. Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards are the only gift cards you can earn Optimum Points on. Purchase a Gift Card, Get Double the Points. Shoppers Optimum veterans swear by this trick before you start shopping, purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card first. You will receive points when you purchase the gift card, and you will receive points when you spend it. While I haven t verified whether this works, it is certainly worth a shot! On the Shoppers website there is contradicting information 13. Shoppers Optimum Points will not be issued respecting the purchase of the following items services electronic gift cards except Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards Shoppers Optimum Points will be awarded when a Shoppers Optimum Member pays for a purchase with an electronic gift card. Earn 15 points on almost every dollar you spend online at beauty and at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores. If you have activated your PC Optimum account on or accepted the terms and conditions on beauty you re all set. Your tone of voice in a video is very important. Remember, it s a conversation you re having, so avoid the cheesy radio announcer voice and speak naturally. When expressing yourself on video, be real. Robotic speech or blatantly reading from a script will not appeal to viewers. Talk directly to your fans as if you re in a room with them it couldn t get much more personal than that. Wolfram, Stephen I ve bashed others for low-quality pictures, and this one isn t spectacular, but the content as a whole is so good I m willing to forgive. Though the quality of the photo is poor, it is highly authentic nothing about it feels scripted. The viewer feels privy to a random, spontaneous bit of cosmic hilarity. What elevates the picture, however, is the single hashtag shelfie, a hashtag that plays off the mother of all hashtags that dominates Instagram, selfie. The pun is funny, clever, on voice, and reinforces the brand. It s the kind of content that gets shared, and shared a lot. Comedy Central really gets the power of Instagram. No matter what else may be going on in the world, Comedy Central successfully uses the platform to create a moment and bring its community together for a shared laugh. That s priceless. That s the magic made possible when a brand truly understands a social media platform. Fifty years ago perhaps the single most profitable player in the book publishing world was the Book of the Month Club. Why were they so profitable? Because they had permission to choose a book and send it, with an invoice, to millions and millions of people. The club was similar to the book clubs you see today, except there were fewer choices and the vast majority of recipients accepted the selected book. The book selection committee was composed of well-known literati, and it was considered an honor to be on their board. The public basically gave them wide-ranging permission to choose and then ship whatever book they chose. Once manufacturers began to advertise, they discovered some quite by accident an extraordinary truth The more they advertised, the more sales they gained. And the value of the sales exceeded the cost of the advertising! The perpetual motion machine of commerce had arrived.

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