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talech Gift cards. Grow your sales, improve your cash flow and gain new customers with our seamless physical and digital gift card solution. Your Brand. Your Logo. Your Card. Enable your customers to purchase eGift cards online or in person. They can choose from a variety of designs, perfect for any occasion and choose how and when they want to … talech Gift Cards support three types of cards fixed value cards that cannot be increased, reloadable cards and hybrid loyalty and gift cards. Hybrid cards help retain customers with stored value and rewards. Keep track of your outstanding liability, active vs. unactivated cards and get a full transaction history for each card. talech Gift Card Overview. Accepting Gift Card Payments for Online Orders. talech Gift Card Upload. Setting up your Digital Gift Card Store. How to Create Gift Card product s in talech Register How to Sell or Send Digital Gift Cards. Ordering Physical Gift Cards. Gift Cards Printing Orders Questions 800.808.7472. talech Gift Cards Printing Orders Questions 800.808.7472. talech You may think the fun is in the pinning, but that s not it at all. The fun is in the conversation. How am I expected to respond to your last letter? Yes, I have dropped a few pounds. Some on purpose I ve been flying to New York a lot these days and you know they are a little bit leaner up there. I don t want to show up looking like the unsophisticated chick from down south with the folk art. If my dolls are going to be taken seriously, I have to look the part. But I don t think my waistline is what you re talking about. The Compass for Wealth If you don t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there? If your destination is undefined, undoubtedly you ll never arrive and likely end in a place you don t want to be. Wealth is found with a roadmap, not a dartboard. My favorite example of this is the airline that was trying to build a hub in Saudi Arabia. Their goal was to get extremely wealthy and very busy travelers to alter their travel plans and make a connection through Saudi Arabia. Their solution was simple. They gave away a Rolls-Royce every day to one lucky first-class passenger. Three

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