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TPB GIFT CARD from 25.00. Moms, dads, fitness lovers, smoothie freaks, health nuts You name it, they ll love it! This gift gives the recipient an incredibly convenient, delicious and nutritious meal or snack that can be prepared in minutes! Simply chose the dollar amount you d like to gift, and leave the rest to us! Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer s Suggested Retail Price MSRP or Original Selling Price. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Use left right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left right if using a mobile device Acai Smoothie Bowl with Teffola Granola. 9.00. Peanut Butter Honey Oat Snack Bite. 5.00. TPB GIFT CARD. from 25.00. APPLE PEANUT BUTTER OAT PACK. 6.00. PUMPKIN SPICE OAT PACK. Redditor Bierrr spotted these gift cards for The Pirate Bay at a local supermarket. Good prank, but this brings up a fairly important question. If something tangible at a store costs nothing, can … What is a good advertisement? An advertisement which pleases you because of its style, or an advertisement which sells the most? They are seldom the same. Go through a magazine and pick out the advertisements you like best. You will probably pick those with beautiful illustrations, or clever copy. You forget to ask yourself whether your favorite advertisements would make you want to buy the product. Says Rosser Reeves, of the Ted Bates agency Many start-ups struggle to tell good stories because instead of building community, they re focusing on fund-raising and getting an article about themselves published in TechCrunch. It s hard for a new business to strike the right balance among so many competing priorities. Sphero deserves kudos for managing to do it when so many others put it off. Truly, this is a perfect execution. Basically, BonusMail is paying people for attention. Not that there s anything wrong with that. By making the deal overt and measurable, they ve taken direct mail to a new level. Are two-page spreads worth the cost? They cost twice as much as single pages, but seldom get twice the readership, or pull twice as many coupons. Notice how the destruction of freedom attacks the other sibling wealth components. Unaffordable material possessions have consequences to our health and relationships. The irony of looking wealthy is that it is an enemy to real wealth It destroys freedom, it destroys health, and it destroys relationships.

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