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3000 rounds of various brands .22 lr ammo in ammo box. Winchester, Federal, American eagle, cci, Private. Party. Garden City. $300. 4 boxes of Weatherby 7mm Ultra velocity ammunition. 4 boxes of Weatherby 7mm Ultra velocity ammunition. Three of the boxes are 154 grain and one box is 175 grain. Please text Frank at 208 871-seven 50 four for specific questions. Brass is sorted by caliber and… Private. Party. Boise. $5. Cci No. 41 for trade. I have a brick of new cci 41 primers I would like to trade for an equal amount of large rifle primers let me know what you got. Located in Nampa. VISTA PAWN 503 S VISTA AVE BOISE,I d 83705 208 342-3352MON-SAT 10AM-7PM SUN 11AM-5PM WE ARE ID CWL FRIENDLY PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO ENSURE ITEM IS S… Remington 783 in .243 with scope. Package deal. Remington 783, .243, Black composite stock, sling swivels, 3×9 scope, used very little, maybe 2… Ammunition – Zidaho. COUPON 9 days ago 1000 rounds Lake city 5.56 1000 round container lake City 556 55 grain headstamp LC 75 Great stuff I have a ton of it. Asking a fair price minus the gouge. Private Party Garden City $550 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo I have 127 rounds of Hornady American Gunner 140gr BTHP and 15 rounds of Hornady Precision Hunter … Ammunition – Zidaho. COUPON 10 days ago 1124 rounds of LAX Factory new ammo for sale. Training practice ammo. $400.00 for the lot. Thanks for looking. Private Party McCall $400 9MM NATO ZQI 9mm Nato, $699 case, in store pickup only. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. You good with this? Facebook is shockingly bad at explaining sponsored stories, so let me try here. There are two types. One simply extends your chosen piece of content to the news streams of a larger number of your fans than the regular 3 5 percent that would normally see it. That s called a Page Post. The other extends your reach the same way, but it allows you to highlight the fact that a fan has engaged with your content and tell that fan s friends about it. You can choose to create this kind of sponsored story around a check-in, a like, and several other actions such as when someone shares a story from your app or your website. For example, if a fan checked in to a hotel, or claimed an offer from a T-shirt company, the hotel or T-shirt company could pay to make sure that friends of that fan knew about it, not with an ad lingering on the periphery of the Facebook page that no one but PC users will see, but within the actual newsfeed. That s the big breakthrough for marketers. Before, when we created ads around a post, as soon as it migrated to the right side of the page the format of the post would change. This transformation compromised the impact of the creative work because it no longer looked like an organic piece of content created by someone you knew, but like an ad created by some stranger. But now marketers can keep the creative that we already know works organically, and enhance its power simply by paying to have more people see it, offering us an unparalleled opportunity to connect with active fans as well as reinvigorate relationships with fans that might have gone dormant over time. It s the milkman s revenge . Home delivery and inventory management are coming back. Want free music and sound effects for your videos? Check out the YouTube Audio Library. It features thousands of royalty-free instrumental tracks arranged by mood, genre, instrument and duration and sound effects that you can use for free, forever, for any creative purpose not just in your YouTube videos . Access it via a link on your Video Manager page, or at https audiolibrary

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